Let there be light: the iconic Nutella jar becomes a lamp

LED lights, USB power and pop art decoration. The classic glass container of the brand becomes a striking design object

It’s called Up-Cycling and it is the new concept of creative recycling that uses everyday products giving them a new function. Riding the wave of this new trend – both ethical and artistic – Nutella Lampada was born .

TECHNOLOGY – The lamp is made using the classic jar of the brand: the white cap is equipped with a touch button to switch on/off and the glass contains six encapsulated LED lights. Nutella lamp is powered by batteries or by a micro USB connector.

DECORATION – The decoration of the jar transforms the glass into a colorful speaker, it is made possible thanks to a technical Cerve Group, a leading company in the mechanical design of glass decoration. The lamp is illustrated with all the famous icons of the brand, a patchwork in different and vibrant colors. Nutella lamp will be available in Italy from October, with the purchase of a pack of 825gr or 1kg.