Granarolo lands in India

The Italian dairy company presented a complete Made in Italy gamma at Aahar fair in New Delhi

The Italian dairy group Granarolo S.p.A. has just attended the Aahar fair in New Delhi (7 to 11 March), an important event aimed at Ho.re.ca. market, together with its trading partner European Foods India. An opportunity to present a complete Made in Italy products gamma destined to Indian market and made also to meet the vegetarian consumers’ needs. Granarolo bet on matured cheese (with a maturing of at least 10 months) and ice cream. Both products, two real Made in Italy flagships, can boast the green sticker reserved for “pure vegetarian” products.

THE GAMMA – The aim was to enhance Granarolo brand’s reputation and penetration in India, accrediting European Foods India as the reference supplier for imported authentic Italian food products. Moreover, European Foods India will be able to create added value for traders and local market, thanks to a good taste and service proposal. The gamma chosen by Granarolo group to represent Made in Italy Aahar fair included:

  • Italian curd cheeses, starting with Burrata, frozen Mozzarella di Bufala and long life Mascarpone, all of which are suitable for the needs of a demanding food service industry;
  • Italian matured cheese Gran Opera, exclusively made with Italian milk, matured for 10 months with microbial rennet and free from lysozyme, ideal as pasta dressing or for salads and vegetarian dishes;
  • Gorgonzola and Provola Affumicata, basing on Italian cheese-making tradition and favorite for their taste;
  • UHT whip cream and UHT bechamel, ideal for pastry and sophisticated cooking;
  • Italian ice cream gamma, made with high-quality fresh milk: 6 creamy flavors for a unique experience;
  • UHT Vegetable drinks, organic and vegan ready meals, traditional breadsticks, cheese based innovative snacks with microbial rennet, balsamic vinegar, bran pasta and high-protein egg noodles.

MADE IN ITALY FOOD IN INDIA – We have received many requests for Italian products from India, a great country with over a billion inhabitants which live mainly in big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad. In recent years, many of them have approached the Italian cuisine great tradition, says Granarolo group President Gianpiero Calzolari. In European Foods India we have found a supplier that is geared to combining Italian tradition and innovation, with a relevant customer base mostly made of big catering chains interested in safe and high-quality Italian products and ingredients.