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Mutti eyes exports growth in global markets

The Italian tomato processing leader continues to increase sales in foreign markets. France, Scandinavia and Australia are the top destinations

Mutti, the largest Italian private player in the tomato processing industry, looks to continue to grow in foreign markets after recording total revenues of more than 260 million euros in 2016. The Parma-based company confirmed its leadership in the Italian market, with volumes rising 6.1%. The result was achieved thanks to the excellent performance of the company’s main product segments, puree (up 8.1%) and finely chopped tomatoes (up 3.7%). Foreign markets account for a sizeable share of the group’s revenues, with exports amounting to 74 million euros (+20%), or 30% of the total. Retail sales increased 22.7%, while food service revenues were up 17.6%. Our long-term goal is to achieve at an international level what we have been able to successfully create in Italy: brand leadership, quality recognition and innovation, CEO Francesco Mutti said. We want to become leaders in European and global markets, introducing innovation in a strongly standardized category such as tomato preserves, and continue to grow internally and structurally as a food company that looks for the highest quality and invests in its talent. Mutti has a dominant market presence in several countries, including France, Scandinavia, and Australia.

TRENDS & HAPPENINGS FROM EUROPE TO AUSTRALIA – In the Scandinavian region Mutti is enjoying consistent growth with a total turnover of 9.824 million euros, and has a strong presence even in those countries where private labels are more developed. The company benefits from a strong presence also in Germany, where sales increased 16% in value terms to about 7.8 million euros in 2016. As part of its growth strategy, Mutti is working to optimize the marketing mix and increase volumes and market share, building a strong relationship with local consumers. In Australia, the company made important progress by launching 10 new SKU’s at Coles and Woolworths, the country’s two major retailers with a combined retail market share of 72%. The remaining channels, including food service and independent retailers, generated significant revenue growth. The company has also invested sizeable resources in marketing initiatives designed to encourage consumers to discover the Mutti brand as part of a distinctive “Mutti Experience”. As a result, 2016 was a strong year in Australia, with revenues increasing 78% to 6.145 million euros compared with the previous year.

FRANCE, THE TOP DESTINATION COUNTRY – In France, Mutti’s know-how has been the key of the company’s success. Mutti France was born in 2013 as a subsidiary headquartered in Paris. In 2016, Mutti France had a turnover of 21.6 million euros, up 22% compared to 2015 and generates half of its revenues through the retail channel with the other half coming from food service, where the brand is very strong. The company is stepping up its marketing investment to strengthen brand awareness based on a strong message: quality and premium products.