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Eataly celebrates the first #tiramisuday

From New York to Trieste, 21st March marks the festival of the world most beloved Italian dessert. In the coming months will also start a #tiramisutour

Tiramisu is the world most beloved Italian dessert, whose history has been shrouded in mystery for many years. It was invented in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, but it was Veneto to get it out in Italy and across the five continents. These two regions of North-Eastern Italy are still battling over the invention of a delicacy which can boast many different interpretation. Tiramisu is now the symbol of a great Italian culinary tradition that the world has adopted making it an international success. On 30 January this year, Eataly Trieste opened presenting the #tiramisuday project. It’s a festival which will take place every March 21st, whose concept has been launched by writers and food critics Clara and Gigi Padovani.

EATALY’S PARTY – On the first day of spring, dipping the spoon into this sweet tooth delicacy is ideal for cheering up after the winter’s cold. On March 21st everyone can join Eataly’s party, celebrating tiramisu with their own favorite recipe. Eataly will celebrate tiramisu inside its stores all over the world by proposing “Coppa Trieste” and many other recipes. In the coming months will also start a #tiramisutour – from Milan to Turin and Rome – with the participation of many great Star Chefs who will present their personal interpretation of tiramisu.

NEW YORK AND TRIESTE – On #tiramisuday two main events will take place at Eataly New York and Eataly Trieste. In New York City, at the new Eataly DownTown, will be present the writer Francine Segan together with Gigi Padovani, author of the book “Tiramisù. Storia, curiosità, interpretazioni del dolce italiano più amato” (Tiramisu. History, trivia and interpretations of the world most beloved Italian dessert). The book is about the origins of this delicacy – documented for the first time. At Eataly Trieste – on March 21st at 6 p.m. – Clara Padovani (co-author of the book) will do a cooking show together with Vincenzo Vitola (Executive Chef of Eataly Trieste), who will present “Coppa Trieste”. Slovenian creative chef Tomaž Kavčič from restaurant Pri Lojzetu of Zemono (Vipava) will also attend the event preparing his “Boramisù”.