Oil & Vinegar

Piave 1938 presents its special edition

Made with typical cold-pressed Italian olives, the newly born extra-virgin and organic Benvolio olive oil is now available

Olio Piave 1938 is a 100% Italian organic and extra-virgin olive oil. The newly born among Benvolio products, Piave 1938 is made with cold-pressed olives selected among the best cultivars from Central and Southern Italy. A spoonful of this kind of oil provides optimum levels of Omega 9, which help to control the levels of blood cholesterol. This kind of oil contains vitamin E and polyphenol too. They are strong antioxidants that protect cells from the effects of ageing due to oxidative stress and contribute to maintain the oil freshness. This is a dressing that goes well with both cooked and raw dishes, in particular vegetables, pease soups, barbecue meat and fresh salads. The packaging is essential and refined, reproducing the historic “Piave oil mill” in a stylised and clear screen printing. Olio Piave 1938 is available in Eataly and Coop Alleanza 3.0 points of sale or in its own online shop.