Pasta, Pizza & Rice

De Cecco pasta, from father to son

For five generations, De Cecco’s family has been working hard to expand all over the world with great passion and determination

Since 1886 pasta is a family tradition

De Cecco Pasta and related products convey the strength and passion of this solid family that for five generations has worked hard to expand their company while bringing benefits to the local economy. Fara San Martino is located in the heart of Abruzzo where, way back in 1886, everything came to life when Filippo Giovanni De Cecco founded the “Molino (mill) and the Pastificio (pasta factory) of the De Cecco Brothers”. They were the first company to use an industrial hot air pasta drying machine. Thanks to this handmade, creative system, it has allowed the company the freedom from relying on weather conditions and has increased production.

The 20th century: new technology and their long established enthusiasm are the keys to success

Starting in the 1950s, De Cecco pasta continued to be a staple of the Italian cuisine, both in Italy and abroad. In 1952, the symbol of a country girl wearing Abruzzo’s traditional clothes was registered as De Cecco’s trademark and came to represent Italian quality and tradition worldwide.

These were the years of significant changes: De Cecco evolved from a family business to a large company. In the 1970s, the modernization and the extension of the production plants doubled their production capacity and enabled the company to export all around the world. In the mid-1980s De Cecco went from being a family business to a corporation: the Società Olearia was founded and started the production of sauces, Aceto Balsamico di Modena (balsamic vinegar), flour, and organic products.

The 21st Century: record years

In 2008, the company was structured into 22 legal entities and in 2011, De Cecco reached record volumes (1.5 million quintals) and also took over three production plants in Russia. In 2013, during the event “De Cecco – the future between tradition and innovation”, the company inaugurated two new production lines.