Italian Food takes off on digital platforms organizes a special event at Cibus Connect. A workshop in cooperation with Kpmg, at the Parma Exhibition Centre on April 12th

Italian food & beverage development on international markets goes more and more through the online channel. In which countries can food companies leverage the best growth opportunities? And by which business model? To deepen the e-commerce role in supporting authentic Italian products, presents the workshop “L’Italian food decolla sulle piattaforme digitali” (Italian food takes off on digital platforms) – in partnership with Cibus Connect and Kpmg. The inaugural report on “Le migliori opportunità di e-commerce per l’alimentare italiano sui mercati internazionali” (The best e-commerce opportunities for Italian Food on International markets) will be presented by Roberto Giovannini, Kpmg partner. Domenico Brisigotti, Ceo of Coop Italian Food, Giulio Lampugnani, Head of Seller Services OHL Amazon Italia, Rodrigo Cipriani Foresio, Managing Director Italy, Spain, Portugal & Greece Alibaba Group and Rose Price, head of buying Ocado, will be present at the workshop together with Alberto Volpe, managing director of Italia del Gusto. The workshop is scheduled for April 12th at 11 am at Pavilion 5 Arena 2 of Parma Exhibition Centre. For more informations please check: