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LIFE: the focus is on quality

The company is directed towards a future that is continuously healthier, but their roots are grounded in a past that is rich in tradition with a wide and sustainable offering of fruit

LIFE is a company whose work for its consumers is centred around quality. We like to define ourselves as a company that is tied to its traditions, to its territory, with a vision that is directed towards the future, says Davide Mario Sacchi, LIFE’S Marketing Manager. A future oriented towards a continuously healthier approach for the consumer, with a product line that is dedicated to individual health, sustained by a marketing and communications project. We are a company focused on sustainability, as our supply chain demonstrates, and we like to underline the fact that the women in our company represent an important part of our working structure.

The product line

From apricots to ginger, LIFE boasts a product line that is both vast and easily identifiable. This allows us to offer our consumers products for every need, explains Sacchi, but always maintaining a common denominator: the health and wellness of those that consume them. Today we have products that can ideally be used as bases for preparing food and drinks and as a snack for those who work out or need something to keep hunger at bay. Other products that are more traditionally consumed, just as nuts and peanuts which invade our tables during the Christmas holidays. For example, the Apricots from our Lifestyle line (launched in 2015, thanks to a partnership with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation) were ideal for marathon runners, and we’re also recommended as a snack for both during and after the race for their organoleptic qualities. Of course nothing says they can’t also be used to top desserts or mixed together in a creamy all-natural yogurt.

“Healthy with taste” is the answer

LIFE is betting a lot on the concept of health and wellness, with products that are always striving to be more natural and nourishing, but which does not at all mean lacking in taste. This for us represents, beyond a shadow of a doubt, an advantage to help differentiate ourselves and with which to deal with difficult periods, commented Davide Mario Sacchi, this doesn’t mean that we are simply riding on the wave of a trend, but the complete opposite. Health and wellness will be the main focus for many companies, not only those within the dried fruits and nuts sector, on which they will concentrate during the next few years.