Alce Nero: organic farmers since 1968

With more than 300 different products, 1,000 producers in Italy and 14,000 in the world, Alce Nero is one of the biggest Italian organic brands dedicated to organic farming and healthy nutrition

Alce Nero is the Italian brand representing farmers, beekeepers and organic processors committed to producing good organic food since the ’70s, by methods which respect the land and its fertility. Alce Nero has been producing organic food products for more than 40 years now thanks to its 1,000 Italian producers (14,000 in the world). This means producing food without pesticide and chemicals use. Alce Nero has always been betting on traditional farming in balance with innovation, new technology, and new ingredients and recipes in accordance with authentic organic specification.

A trip to nutrition

The making of good food has always been a cultural tradition for Alce Nero. This means farming and telling the land at the same time, learning how to respect it and take care of it like a precious possession. The goal is to process the fruit of the land in a careful and sustainable way, making products which can tell something about the place where they have been raised, the hands that have protected and picked them up, the people who have processed and prepared them, properly rewarding the farmers in order to ensure a correct reallocation.

Organic products

Alce Nero’s organic food products are about 300. Among them we can find simple everyday products like pasta, rice, tomato sauce and pulp, vegetables, legumes’ cream, cookies and fruit juices, fruit compote, honey, vegetables drinks and an early childhood dedicated line. In addition, Alce Nero’s manufacturers produce fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt and a gluten free products line. All these products bear the flavour of the land and convey the pleasure to gather at the same table and share a meal. In addition to a wide range of products which are grown and processed in Italy there are also fair trade organic products coming from many Latin Americans producer members: coffee and tea, cocoa and chocolate, cane sugar and Basmati rice.