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China, a stronger protection for Parmigiano Reggiano

A recent agreement between EU and China has just been added to similar agreements – and registrations of the trade mark – with India, Azerbaijan and Thailand. Such a measure to be concluded shortly with Turkey

The President of Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, Nicola Bertinelli, notes with satisfaction that 100 PDO and PGI food products from EU will soon be given a special protection in the Chinese market, following an agreement between EU and China. Among these we can find the ‘king of cheeses’, Parmigiano Reggiano. Legal protection – explains Bertinelliis essential to sustaining Parmigiano Reggiano’s promotion in the world. That’s why we had already protected this brand name in China. The agreement will reinforce our possibility to protect Parmigiano Reggiano and it is an important condition for the growth of export sales. In fact, exports are progressively growing even though China consumer’s eating habits are very different to ours. Under the agreement it will be up to us to effectively protect Parmigiano Reggiano’s brand name from “Italian sounding” in China, as is already the case for all the other non-EU countries.

Parmigiano Reggiano’s brand protection worldwide

Such brand protection activity is intensifying in the areas of the world where the Consortium has obtained the registration of the designation of the origin trade mark. Amongst the most recent cases are India, Thailand and Azerbaijan. Moreover, Parmigiano Reggiano’s PDO registration is to be obtained shortly in Turkey too. We will soon launch specific projects in the areas of the world where Parmigiano Reggiano’s imports are growing. The goal is to reach a 50% share of exports for our product says Bertinelli.