Pasta, Pizza & Rice

Farmo: in gluten free we trust

Farmo is an Italian company focused on the development and production of gluten free food products made with premium ingredients. The main categories are pasta, ready meals, baking mixes and bakery products

With a production capacity of 15,000 tonnes per year and a turnover of 11 million euros in 2016, Farmo is a leader of the gluten free pasta worldwide. All of this is made possible by a plant entirely devoted to the production of gluten free food, says the company. We made substantial investments in advanced industrial production lines to increase our production capacity. As a matter of fact, approximately 6% of our turnover is reinvested in R&D, whose in house department includes a team of six dedicated individuals. We also ISO/BRC/IFS gluten-free certified. We also have organic and kosher food certifications. In 2017, the company said its target areas are Russia, Northern Europe, North America (the United States and Canada), as well as the Far East, particularly Japan and China.

Back to Japan

It’s no coincidence that Farmo participated in FoodEx, an important agri-food fair held in Tokyo from March 7th to 10th. The company has chosen to return to Japan with a twofold objective: to consolidate what has already been achieved in the Japanese market (the company has been operating for a few years through a local distributor), and entering new market segments by offering new 100% Italian products of the highest quality. The Japanese market is of great interest to us as it is still experiencing a constant and considerable expansion, says Andrea Giai, founder, owner, and Ceo of Farmo. We believe in the potential of the Japanese market. We think there are excellent penetration opportunities for high service products, such as Easy Pasta, our ready meal consisting of pasta and sauce: a healthy and tasty dish ready in minutes. There’s also our Red Lentil Pasta, a product made with this exquisite legume that falls under the ‘smart food’ category as it is full of nutrients such as protein and fiber, as well as being low in fat. It’s perfect to satisfy the current and popular health trends.

American market

Farmo is paying close attention to the healthy lifestyle trend it is meeting on the American market. Its products are geared to a wider consumer base and not only includes celiacs, vegetarians, and athletes, but expands to all those consumers who are looking for nutritional, healthy, and alternative food products. The United States and Canada are showing particular interest in Farmo, as they are open, even culturally, to the innovations that the company is offering. It also helps that they are extreme admirers of everything that is Italian made.