Gourmet Market: where Italian food meets Thailand

In this higher-end food supermarket in Bangkok, customers can find many kinds of imported Italian food products such as pasta, hams, dairies and coffee

Last year, food imports in Thailand have increased by 7,02% compared to 2015, with a value of 5,052 million USD. Italian food imports have reached a share of 0,98% with a value of 48,79 million USD and a growth of +10,14% on the same period of 2015. The number of rich people in Thailand is growing steadily, considering that this country is one of the favorite “expatriates” destination worldwide as well as a very popular tourist region. Not surprisingly, all this helps to increase the number of wealthy consumers who are more and more interested in food products from abroad. There are more than 350 Italian restaurants in Bangkok alone, and their number is steadily increasing. That’s why Italian food and cuisine are increasingly well known and valued. The main import items are chocolate, pasta, hams, dairies, canned tomatoes and tomato sauces, wine, mineral water, coffee and olive oil. In Thailand, customers can also find a wide range of basic food products from abroad. This marketplace seem to have plenty of room for new, high quality and niche products as well. The Italian food products market share could thus be incremented.

A higher-end food option

Consumers looking for a higher-end food option than the average supermarket in Thailand can find many Italian food products in Gourmet Market. While they only have four locations, and all are in Bangkok, Gourmet Market offers quality gourmet food that customers can’t find anywhere else. In this market people can find a very wide range of Italian food products. A sign that investing in authentic food products – even in basic categories such as pasta, water, tomato sauces and confectionery – brings positive outcomes for retailers.


Italian products

As for olive oil, vinegars and condiments, in Gourmet Market customers can find Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Reggio Emilia DPO (Terra del Tuono), Bertolli extra virgin olive oil and Filippo Berio assortment of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, Monini range of extra virgin olive oil and Olitalia condiments. When it comes to cheese, Italian production is well represented by Buffalo Mozzarella and Burrata, Fresh Mozzarella in water from Caseificio Villa and Buffalo Mozzarella from Caseificio La Contadina. Then we can find Grana Padano PDO 14-16 months and Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, in a vast assortment of Italian hard cheeses: Pecorino Romano PDO, Fontal, Asiago and Taleggio. Italian charcuterie is present with a wide assortment from Villani Salumi: San Daniele cured ham, Salame Milano, Speck, Mortadella with Pistachio etc. Sliced Italian charcuterie shows Italy’s special cold cuts range from Prosciutto di Parma PDO to San Daniele PDO, from bacon to Salame Toscano, and Galbani brand is well represented in this category as well. Italian sweets & confectionery are present with Party Wafers Elledì assortment, including Gastone Lago Roll Break, without forgetting the assortment of Loacker and Balocco mini wafers. Beside Pasta Garofalo from Gragnano (Salerno), in the bakery section we can find the healthy biscuits range of the Italian brand Misura (Colussi Group). As for tomato based products, Mutti, Cirio, Saclà and Barilla are on the shelves. As for vegetable preserves, the Ponti pickles products range can be found at Gourmet Market. In the beverage sector, we have the two top Italian brands Polenghi and Ital Lemon’s lemon juices, while sparkling waters San Benedetto and Sanpellegrino confirm themselves as top supplier of Gourmet Market.