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Farmo wins the “Welcome to USA” award

During the Italian Food Awards USA 2017 at Summer Fancy Food Show, the Italian gluten free pasta company has been awarded thanks to its vision in the internationalization in the USA market

At Summer Fancy Food Show 2017, during the Italian Food Awards USA – organized by (the international, integrated B2B project by Parma-based Publisher Gruppo Food) – the Italian gluten free pasta company Farmo has been awarded the “Welcome to USA” special prize. The award has been delivered by Marco de Ceglie, Ceo of the Italian olive oil company Filippo Berio.

Growing in the USA market

Filippo Berio can be considered a real expert when it comes to growth strategy in the USA market and excellent products, thanks to its 150 years of history. Nowadays, Filippo Berio is present in more than 70 countries, and it’s the olive oil leading company in the UK and the leading brand in the USA market together with Bertolli. Filippo Berio has a turnover of 335 million Euros per year, with an annual production of 90 million oil liters. Farmo has been awarded thanks to its vision and application in the internationalization of its products in the American market, together with the will to tell and distribute its products in a spirit of healthy living and available-to-all experience. Farmo has been focusing on internationalization for a long time. The turnover, which has doubled in a very short time, is proof of it. In the last years the Italian gluten free pasta company is rapidly growing in the American market, especially within healthy gluten free pasta (pasta with legumes, ancient wheat pasta, whole wheat seasoned pasta) where Farmo is a leading reference company both for gluten free professional operators and final consumers.

A global strategy

Within a global projection strategy, Farmo chose to invest in quality and world renown Made in Italy products value. That’s why it focuses on healthy food and wellness, as stressed by Berio, going on innovating in order to anticipate market trends – as global consumers are more and more health-conscious and aware of what they eat. We are very proud to have been awarded by Filippo Berio – says founder, owner and Ceo of Farmo Andrea Giaiwhich is a very important Italian company that has become a world leading olive oil producer starting from the magnificent Italian town of Lucca. Filippo Berio has achieved very important results focusing on excellent Made in Italy products, and we are trying to do the same. TheWelcome In USA” award has been given to the Business Development Manager of Farmo Matthew P. Kervin (in the picture with Davide Dalcò and Marta Bommezzadri from Gruppo Food).