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De Cecco launches new regional shapes for the US market

The company is introducing five new regional shapes and a new packaging designed for the foodservice

Italian pasta maker De Cecco is launching a new range of regional pasta products exclusively made for the United States as well as a new packaging designed for the foodservice market as it eyes further growth in a market where consumers look for a personalized and unique offer. In the following interview during the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, where also presented its Italian Food Awards USA, De Cecco’s foodservice director Stanislao Marrazzo explains how the renowned pasta maker is educating foodservice and retail operators to the six steps that are part of the “De Cecco method” of cooking pasta. It’s up to us to make sur that this type of information arrives to the end user, Marrazzo told We are introducing a completely new line for the regional specialties US market, with five unique shapes that are going to be manufactured exclusively for the United States, Marrazzo continued. De Cecco is also presenting two different sizes of packaging – from 1 pound to 5 pounds – to better serve the needs of customers.

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