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Alibert 1967: from tradition to innovation

This company aims at proposing pasta that convinces the consumer’s palate thanks to its taste, selected raw materials, and traditional recipes in a modern revision

When it comes to pasta production and offering recipes for first courses, Italy is truly unrivaled around the world. Alibert 1967 is undoubtedly one of the businesses that best represents this Italian primacy. The Treviso-based company, specializing in the production of tortellini and filled fresh pasta, is active both with branded products and with its private label division, through the design and delivery of customized assortments. The range includes fresh double-leaf pasta, fresh pasta, and dry pasta, prepared with recipes that combine quality, innovation, and historical tradition. Production takes place in Italy, explains Pierluca Mezzetti, Delegate counselor at Alibert 1967, at the Preganziol (Treviso) plant, which occupies an area of 12,500 square meters, covering factory, warehouse, and offices. The company boasts an annual production capacity of 9,000 tonnes, produced by 7 production lines, 3 dedicated to dry and 4 dedicated to fresh pasta, one of which is for the fresh double-leaf pasta. The dry lines have a full range of packaged pasta in bags, as well as in 15×20 cm, while the fresh lines have monopastorised and bipastorised processes packaged in 20×22 cm and/or 15×20 cm, in trays of single-dose 125g x 2 and/or trays of 250 g to 1000 g. The plant is also certified for sales to the United States of America. Even Preganziol’s ‘peripheral warehouse’ has obtained the necessary certifications for choosing and storing the goods according to the strict American standards. The concentration of logistics in the Preganziol warehouse allows to manage the processes of goods selection and pick-up, as well as the shift work by reducing the number of working hours.

Granravioli with pumpkin and amaretti

Chef gourmet, a tasty and healthy menu

The company’s solution has been realized in the new Chef Gourmet line, consisting of Ravioli all’Amatriciana with pork cheek of Amatrice; Ravioli with taggiasche olives, chickpeas and lentils, with hemp seeds and teff flour pasta; Granravioli with porcini mushrooms, with pasta rich in fibre and malt; Ravioli with white truffle of Alba, as well as other dishes elaborated with chef Alessandro Circiello. With this line the company is aiming at taste and tradition, using exquisite raw materials branded PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), and TGS (Traditional Guaranteed Specialty), exalting some functions of products made to develop a health-wellness concept. Alibert is also investing in innovations for the future and forthcoming launches will also include frozen and gluten free products.

Ravioli with red turnip and herbs