Oil & Vinegar

Benvolio 1938: a healthy choice

A wide range of organic oils and the ability to meet the needs of consumers are the company’s drivers to conquer foreign markets

For Benvolio, the oil company from Treviso, it is time to let its organic offer come out of its niche and become a popular and accessible range, perhaps as an ambassador of true Italian taste in the world, as it embraces its founding values so well. This is a connection that is rooted in its short and controlled supply chain, which, thanks to the industrial efficiency of its new factory in Inveruno (near Milan), is able to differentiate the company’s offer. Among their strengths is also a wide range of strictly Italian oils. They are rich in healthy substances, such as Omega 3 and phytosterols, which help balance cholesterol levels, and are a source of vitamins E and B6, which protect the immune system and help put people in a good mood. Then there are also the precious polyphenols: powerful natural antioxidants.

The organic line

Among the latest products is a line of Benvolio 1938 special organic oils. The aim of this products is to enhance the food preparations with the quality and beneficial properties of organic hemp seed oil (enriched with turmeric), and ginger-enriched sesame oil. This new line joins the already existing six different organic Benvolio 1938 oils. Its aim is to satisfy the recent health trend that combines ginger and turmeric, making them a priority for consumers looking for superfood. Hemp oil, explains Marco Dal Sasso, CEO of Benvolio 1938, contains Omega 3. This product is best suited as a condiment, while sesame oil, which actually tastes like the seed, has a more elegant flavour and is suitable for all preparations. The design of the packaging emphasizes its raw material, featuring an explosion of the seeds. A nutritional-oriented claim and advice about its use help consumers choose the ideal oil for every need. The new products are Vegan OK certified. The raw materials used for their production are carefully selected from pesticide and herbicide free cultivations, which adopt physical processes that do not use solvents. In addition, they are enriched with organic rosemary, sage, and bay leaf extracts, which are also powerful natural antioxidants that keep the product fresh and enhance the health properties of each seed. This new line offers the consumers of Benvolio 1938 the possibility to choose from a complete range, capable of satisfying everyone’s needs and preferences, confirming the company’s leadership in terms of special oil innovation. Overall, the best performing products are organic linseed oil, grape seed oil, and organic extra virgin olive oil, all 100% Italian.