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Tomato, it’s time for the labeling of origin

Italian Farmers Association Cia-Agricoltori Italiani praised the decree imposed by the Ministry of Agriculture. Interested all tomato derivatives.

An important step forward in the transparency and legality of one of the most representative Made in Italy agricultural chains, the tomato one. That’s how Alessandro Mastrocinque, vice president of Cia-Agricoltori Italiani (Italian Farmers Association) and president of Cia Campania commented on the interministerial decree on the labeling of origin requirement for all tomato derivatives decided on November 8th in Rome, at the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in the presence of Minister Maurizio Martina. The labeling of origin requirement is an important tool to guarantee not only for a more consumer-conscious purchase, but also for our honest producers, damaged by those who, instead, are outside the system. The Minister – says Mastrocinquehas also pledged to press on EU so that we can come to a common European regulation. The tomato sector ministerial table also welcomed the request of Cia – Agricoltori Italiani, and Cia Campania in particular, on the transformation of districts into interprofessional organizations with all the representatives of both the agricultural and processing industries. Indeed, for Cia, it is essential to strengthen international organizations to ensure a fairer distribution of value added.