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Anchovy fillets Cantabrian Sea in olive oil 40g

Mari dell'eccellenza

Shelf life:456 days
Preservation Mode:Shelf stable
  • MSC certified for sustainable fishing
  • Processed by hand in the fishing site
  • Unique in terms of flavour, size and flesh

We fish our anchovies in Cantabrian Sea, which is cold and rich in planctons. Fished only during springtime in order to have better fillets in sizes and taste- Rizzoli's anchovies are then processed by hand on the fishing site and matured for long time in barrels. Our anchovies are MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Certified), respecting the marine eco-system. We guarantee a sustainable fishing tecnique by using pursue-seine tecnique, not damaging the sea or the fish.

Sales formats:
  • 34 x 40g