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Anchovy fillets in extra virgin olive oil 90g

Linea classica

Shelf life:547 days
Preservation Mode:Shelf stable
  • Unique in terms of flavour, size and flesh
  • Processed by hand in the fishing site
  • Left to mature at length in barrels

Rizzoli's anchovy fillets are stored in the iconic golden tin, the same one since 1906. Rizzoli's anchovy fillets are processed by hand on the fishing site in the traditional way. We let them mature for at least 6 months in wood barrels until we obtain excellent quality products. The extra virgin olive oil enriches taste and aromas of fish. The result is an excellent product which comes from the combination between great raw materials and artisanal processes.

Features & Certification:
  • Without Preservatives
Sales formats:
  • 31 x 90g