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Biscuits filled with chocolate cream 150g


Bakery & Snacks
Shelf life:1 year
Preservation Mode:Shelf stable
  • filled cookies
  • chocolate cream

A pastry of delicious cream enclosed in a casket of crumbly shortcrust pastry. Tasty ingredients and flavours that envelop the palate, dedicated to those who cannot resist the sin of gluttony, a precious moment of satisfaction full of sweet pleasure.

Ingredients: The eggs in our Grisbì come from barn eggs.

A range that satisfies all occasions.

Grisbi range:

  1. Classic Double Chocolate,
  2. Hazelnut cream
  3. Italian Lemon cream
  4. Coconut Flavour
Sales formats:
  • 1 x 33g
  • 24 x 33g
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