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Gift Boxes Chocolate and Nougat

Cioccolato e Torrone

Seasonals & Gift
Sweets & Confectionery
Shelf life:390 days
Preservation Mode:Shelf stable

Three Gift boxes, each to celebrate the best:


  • Morbidellone 350g - contains soft almond nougat bites, covered with dark chocolate or white chocolate - the best seller of our pralines
  • Zanzibarone 350 - for lovers of our chocolate, an assortment of pralines with gianduia chocolate and dark chocolate with crunchy whole hazelnuts
  • Premium box, with the selection of 3 specialty nougat bars with premium recipes (100g each) and a taste of our Morbidelli bites
Features & Certification:
  • Gluten Free
Sales formats:
  • 6 x 417g
  • 6 x 350g
  • 6 x 350g