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Grow Internationally

Create your profile and make your products available to international buyers

Italianfood.net is the first directory designed for international F&B operators. Thanks to this tool, Italian companies have the opportunity to create an ongoing showcase that allows potential buyers to find information and details about the company, brands and products.

The project was born out of the buyers’ need to browse a single platform containing all the best of Italian industry, and our desire to promote Authentic Made in Italy products.

Italianfood.net added value is the perfect integration between the platform, newsfeed, magazine and events that provides companies with visibility and give them the chance to get in touch with retailers and distributors in the F&B sector at international level.


  1. CREATE YOUR COMPANY PROFILE: Let buyers know your story! Complete your profile with all the company details, and remember to keep it updated.
  2. UPLOAD YOUR PRODUCTS: Choose your flagship products from your catalogue and briefly describe your items, including information such as certifications, labelling, size.
  3. BE VISIBLE: Take part in the Italianfood.net events and showcases and promote your products to international buyers.

Request your credentials now and start creating your profile!